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That bright “star” is actually a planet, the king of them all as far as our Solar System is concerned: Jupiter. May also ushers in Jupiter observing season, as the planet reaches opposition on May 9th, rising in the east opposite to the setting Sun to the west. Jupiter now joins Venus in the dusk sky, ending the planetary drought plaguing many an evening star party..

When it comes to work, Millennials seem to expect structure. They acknowledge and respect positions and titles, and want a relationship with their boss. Millennials are in need of mentoring and they’ll respond well to the personal attention. As with any piece of technology, McNulty explains, there are smart ways and careless ways to deploy it. It starts with targeting. Like it or not, your every move on the internet is likely being tracked and sold to advertisers.

In this case, this can be attributed to the fact that the new building is more energy efficient and will require less repairs. It is undoubtedly important to think about the true cost of ownership when make a large investments such as leasing office space, purchasing a home, or buying a car. This kind of thinking can even be applied to the decision making process..

But getting what it wants takes years, and this is a measurement of only a handful of final assembly locations. The overall results speak for themselves. If Apple is having decidedly mixed results in its efforts and it is going further than most other companies in high tech are, what would a report on the state of the industry look like? We’ll never see it, but undoubtedly, it would be dismal.

While some shoppers are counting down the last few days before Chelsea new Barneys opens, others are keeping their eyes on Midtown where an opening date has been set for New York City first Saks Off 5th location. Eyebrows were raised when it was announced only a few months ago that the luxury department store outlet chain would open right in the middle of full price territory on East 57th Street, a mere seven blocks uptown from the Saks Fifth Avenue flagship at 50th and Fifth. Now we have learned that not only will the store will open on Thursday March 3rd, but it will contain the first of what is expected to be several in store Gilt boutiques in Off 5th locations (rendering pictured above).

In March 2017, 5.4 million Americans were hired, 3.3 million quit their jobs to take or look for better ones, and 2 million US jobs were destroyed.In fact over the last 12 months, here’s how America’s workforce has changed:jobs permanently eliminated: 24 million workers voluntarily quitting: 39.4 million Jobs created (new hires): 65.7 million Net job gains: 2.3 millionThis economic dynamism, where 24 million US jobs are permanently destroyed only to be replaced by even more new jobs, is the heart of not just the American economy but very reason that we live in a golden age where workers make a great living doing things once thought unimaginable.And of course McIlroy’s 2017 winnings pale in comparison to Tiger Woods, who earned $110,061,012 on the PGA Tour between 1996 and 2017. And that mind boggling sum is a fraction of the $1.344 billion in endorsement deals that Tiger has earned off the course. The fact that anyone could make almost $1.5 billion in a profession that didn’t exist before the early 20th century is mind blowing to me.

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