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Jim Hansen (PS) asked President Muse if he knew the status of the journal cancellations discussed at the August meeting. Muse said he did not, and Provost Parks said he had heard nothing else about it except that the process was still being reviewed. Network.

Aubie the Tiger and War Eagle many people who do not know the history behind Auburn University’s mascot get confused as to which exactly, the tiger or the eagle, is the specificmascot. To clarify, Aubie the Tiger is the mascot, and “War Eagle” is the battle cry that can be heard on and off the football field. The origin of how “War Eagle” came to be is recognizedin multiple stories that all have one thing in common they are interesting.

Two contrasting pictures of Toronto housing market have emerged in the past week. One shows the market is recovering from last year slump when prices and sales fell. The other shows the market is becoming increasingly unaffordable, prompting one mayoral hopeful to make affordable housing a central plank of her campaign.This housing market seesaw suggests the balancing act of maintaining healthy returns in housing while keeping the city affordable is becoming increasingly difficult.July housing sales data in Toronto paints a picture of a recovering market with both sales and prices higher than a year earlier.

Been talking about it for a couple of years, to come and visit France, to retrace his footsteps, Shively said. Wanted to lay flowers here to remember (my grandfather commander. He really loved this man. One of the biggest problems I have with my party today the fact that we claim to be the party of moral values, the values that come out of our religious tradition. We claim to be the party of traditional family values. We claim to be the party that is pro life.

This is how my venue was they actually didn let us pick a vegetarian option, it “chefs choice” depending on what the rest of the RSVPs are (so if there were a lot of vegan requests, itd be a mushroom stack. We only had a few veg options so it was a cheese ravioli). I still made “vegetarian” an option on the RSVP, but I think due to the not listing of what it was we only had a handful.

“Johnson’s improvement on his instrument was swift and amazing (although historically, it took him about a year to become great). He earned the instant recognition of big name guitarists like Son House, who championed his cause. However, Johnson was tormented in his dreams by visions of the , and hellhounds on his trail.

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