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Smartphones come equipped with features like GPS, accelerometers and gyroscopes that can record your activity, location and other vital statistics. Millions of fitness focused or diet conscious people track their workouts or their desserts with apps and devices like Fitbit that track physical activity or calories burned. New technology also makes it easier to share results with others who doesn want to brag the first time they run more than 5 miles (8km), or be praised when they managed to lose 10 pounds (5kg)?.

Baltimore police said the officer who struck McGrier had been with the department for just over a year. The agency has not released his name. But Baltimore defense lawyer Warren Brown, McGrier’s attorney, identified him as Arthur Williams and said the same officer arrested McGrier in June, when his client was charged with assault, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

Yes, Remenda made way too many references to his happy San Jose days on broadcasts early on, but he cut down dramatically on such strolls down memory lane this past season. On the plus side, he knows the game inside out, he is an insider with coach Todd McLellan and often shares what he learns, and he often provides useful technical information about various aspects of the game. When he’s on Oilers Now, he invariably says something newsworthy (here and here), unlike DeBrusk, an affable, admirable and positive man, but one who shies away from controversy in his commentary.

By 4:00 AM, firemen and emergency workers were going door to door in my neighborhood to make sure people were accounted for. Since the roads were impassable, they wanted to make sure that anyone who needed help could get it. Ironically, the husband of one of my FlexJobs colleagues is a fireman, and they live about an hour away.

Prior to Week 4, we issued a warning to Squating that we would have to revoke the special permissions if he could not hold up his end of the bargain. On Week 5, he did not update the challenges wiki, so we revoked the permissions. He said he was working at a camp, and while that is likely true, we had no knowledge of this.

In response, Holmes wrote that the city and its team have explored all options but have identified a viable alternative to direct acquisition from SEH. Holmes went on: you are aware, (then Gov. Gregoire) has made this project a top priority and is willing to meet with the Client and help facilitate the property transaction if there is a way she can assist.

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