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You may be able to cram more information onto the card with a small font, but what good is it if people can’t read it? Since 95 percent of the population aged 35 or older need reading glasses, a good guideline is to use a type size no smaller than 7 8 point.7. A Cluttered CardAn appealing business card does not contain the print content of a novella. Too much print looks busy, is difficult to read, and looks unprofessional.

When the financial crisis hit Canada, several banks raised equity to bolster their capital. The recapitalization process will make that unlikely. After all, who would want to invest in a bank common stock if its contingent capital is about to be converted into equity, with massive shareholder dilution?Overall, Canadians will benefit from the greater safety of a bail in regime.

Covering value stocks are already out in terms of their upgrading of earnings forecasts for such names; we struggle to see how they can get even more positive. There are some signs that a new leadership could emerge. Value was able to recover some of its losses on Monday, gaining nearly 0.6 per cent, the most among 10 factors tracked by Bloomberg.

This photo gives you an indication of what vision may be like for a glaucoma sufferer. Myself, I have some vision loss in one eye. Generally the rest of the vision in that eye is quite blurred due to the ‘clouds’ which float around all the time. TTCs started investing in the snus from 2002, leaving an insignificant number of snus manufacturers fully independent of cigarettes interests. Smoke free policies) and growing health concerns about smoking, both likely to result in less cigarette sales. BAT considered SLT an opportunity to create a new form of tobacco use among a) smokers who were considering quitting, b) a new generation of ‘better educated’ consumers no longer interested in taking up smoking, and c) smokers in smokefree places.

Speaking of smartness, the sensor can identify up to 6,800 problems (and a Buick ain one!), including oil temperature, O2 sensor failure (which can cost you gas mileage and maybe snag your smog test. And there one very valuable added bonus: if that pesky check engine light goes on, it can not only diagnose what wrong, but will clear the indicator as well. Very handy, even for those of us who don know a carburetor from a dipstick.

Certainly, LeBron is not the only athlete giving back. Kevin Durant, who LeBron could have easily shared MVP honors with this past 2013 2014 season, is doing important work as well with his foundation. Durant’s MVP acceptance speech also shows that he and LeBron share similar perspectives.

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