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But it was the death of a longstanding team mate and friend James Kyllo, with whom he played football for 17 years, that proved the genesis for Brown’s homage. He wrote an article for a national newspaper that went viral. “It was just about how you can spend a couple of hours every week with people for years and yet not know much about them.

Don take everything so literal, guy. His nickname is “King James”. That doesn make him the “King of LA”, whatever that means. State Farm, creating meaningful relationships with customers and providing them with real help when they need it isn just a job, it in our DNA, Patty Morris, marketing director, brand content for State Farm, said in a statement. Gives us a chance to demonstrate that in an entertaining way through the context of basketball. Even an all star family can use an assist every now and then..

As for the rhetoric in the press conference that music is special and has a unique place in our culture: Music fans agree! That why they listen to music often, on services that provide that music for free. But rather than building a better system, Jay Z and friends have, so far, put their energy behind a product that more or less the same as Spotify, but more expensive. A product this pointless could, maybe, be sold as a charity case by artists who depend on every penny of fan support.

Originally from Ohio, Singer love of military history began in the Navy ROTC program. In 2003, he sold his sales business, bought an RV and began working for the National Park Service in seasonal gigs at parks around the country. Since then it been 26 straight jobs five months on, one month off traversing the country, and he returned annually to the Everglades for the last several years.

For me personally, I have about 3 hours of free time a day that doesn involve eating, sleeping, or working. I spend 1 of those in my gym and the rest of the time with my family. The idea of trying to resolve an issue of unknown scope is just beyond what I want to deal with.

But this is not about income or investing. It’s about loss aversion and motivation. Within days of taking the bet, I realised my brain had been rewired: why go to the small grocery store across the park, my new brain said, when the larger one had the added virtue of being several blocks away?.

Complete scores are today’s Scoreboard, page C2. SALINE COUNTY TENNIS Hambleton, Brass to meet in finals again By the Salina Journal It’s becoming an annual rite of summer in Salina: Adam Hambleton plays Connor Brass for the Men’s Open Singles title in the UMB Saline County Open tennis tournament at the Ken Nordboe Complex in Oakdale Park. Hambleton and Brass advanced to tonight’s final for the third consecutive year with semifinal victories Thursday.

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