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Decade or so, there lightning in a bottle, says Matt Jarvis, chief strategy officer of ad agency 72andSunny, which produced a popular Super Bowl ad for Samsung in 2013 and created a spot for Carl Jr. This year. I think this is one of those cases. Casanova, 65, said basketball occupied a particular place in her life. She didn’t tune into the games to get lectured or criticized “He’s there to coach and entertain,” she said of Popovich and she can’t separate what the Spurs coach says into a microphone from what the players do on the court. Similarly, she said she’s not watching the NFL while players protest during the national anthem, and she avoids movies that feature actors who espouse liberal views..

House Bill To Lower Voting Age COLUMBUS The Ohio House of by an 80 47 Tuesday rejected a bill which would have put the question of lowering the voting age from 21 to IS on the Novem ber ballot. Resolution sponsors however were expected to ask it to be re considered Tuesday. There were 11 state representa tives absent or not voting Tues day on the measure lost by four votes.

As the final death toll of the Bangladesh factory collapse reached 1,126 last week, a small section of the second floor of a shoe factory in Cambodia gave way. Two people died, but witnesses said it was a stroke of luck that the number wasn’t much higher. Then, on Monday, 10 more workers in Cambodia, including a pregnant woman, were injured when an outdoor platform where workers took breaks toppled over.

Red Hot Chili Peppers are a wonderful band, and as much as I appreciate Under the Bridge, Californication, Give It Away, Can Stop, etc., I feel they have so many amazing songs that can be appreciated. On Mercury from Stadium would been a fantastic single, Don Forget Me from BTW is a gorgeous song in line with Under the Bridge but with more depth, and on Californication, This Velvet Glove, Quixoticelixir, or Parallel Universe (which gets some airplay but not as much) are all great. The issue is that I feel that these songs chosen as singles are great but not particularly enticing enough to get you to listen to their stuff half the time.

As I understand it, Binet advocates something closer to Ritson, focusing on balance rather than simply going after reach. He speaks about brands pursuing balanced scorecard of metrics in both The Long Short Of It and Media In Focus. I actually working with his team on a project at the moment, so I see if I can get them to clarify!.

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