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The Zuckerberg of the movie is a simple creature of clear motivations: he uses his outsize gifts as a programmer to acquire girls, money and party invitations. This is a fiction. In reality, Zuckerberg already had the girl: Priscilla Chan, who is now a third year med student at University of California, San Francisco.

“We turned onto an ordinary street,” Taylor describes. “We hit a utility pole and the seat belt tore my liver in half. If I had been sitting this way or this way or just in a different position, maybe the outcome would have been different. For those who think gossip is a dish best served scalding, there’s no need to wade through the magazines or cyberspace for the grittiest pop culture news. Because Georgia Waters has done that for you. She takes the celebrity world for the madness that it truly is.

Oh, sure, I could get another watch, but most of the time it’s awesome. It really is! I only do all this because I care. And because I hate this miserable Alarm Set button. The pain hasn’t gone away, though, and recurring health issues prevented Escalera from making the trip to Boulder.Despite some hardships, Escalera has been blessed with three children and four grand children. What makes Chandler and Steinhauer special is that Escalera wasn’t the only soldier to be blessed because of their work.”There are so many older and middle aged Marines that are alive today because of (Chandler),” Steinhauer said.There are plenty of Marines, Vietnam citizens, even prisoners of war, who benefited from Steinhauer’s talents, too. During and after the war Steinhauer and his wife have made annual trips to Vietnam since 1989 Steinhauer performed life changing oral surgery on civilians with cleft lips and other severe dental issues..

In the background are Mission Commander David R. Scott, Brigadier General Frank K. Everett, Jr., commander of the USAR Aerospace Rescue and Recovery Service, Command Module Pilot Alfred M. Quality Cardstock is important to use when cutting with a Cricut machine. The cardstock used in this card is a heavier weight type because of the small intricate shapes to cut out on the flamingos and the flowers inbetween them. I try to pick cardstock that does not have a white core, as some do.

Some athletes headed going to Rio have seen similar success. Freestyle wrestler Kyle Snyder has raised more than $25,000 through his GoFundMe appeal to help his family travel to Rio, $5,000 more than his goal. Snyder’s campaign is unusual in that he’s a student at Ohio State, so under NCAA rules he can’t accept gifts from professional sports organizations, agents and school boosters..

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