The Mist


Mist is a passageway, a portal to a different time, one other place, mayhap, even one other realm.

It’s the past–the mist that rolls down the mountains and eddies across the outdated city within the valley.

It’s the voices from individuals lengthy gone–the mist that roils and curls down walkways and roadways on lengthy winter days. Treatment Machine with US Adaptor for Adults & Kids B07Z5NJTTW

It’s the brume that drifts over headstones and dampens the timber within the cemetery throughout a brand new moon.

It’s the veil over visions stored locked behind shut psychological eyes.

It’s the dewy steam rising off scorching rooftops, heat-baked streets, and lawns warmed beneath the solar after an early autumn rain.

It’s the spray from a cascading waterfall: it’s the voices of those that have refreshed themselves within the cooling waters.

It’s the sprinkles thrown off from water hoses: it’s the laughter, the secrets and techniques advised, and the fantasies imagined within the minds of the youngsters who ran by and beneath the cataracts, retaining cool on a blistering summer time afternoon.

It’s the moist fog that hides a stranger out of your view just some steps away.

It’s the low-lying clouds that hug the hills within the distance, turned a fiery orange by the setting solar.

It’s the mist within the hole: residence to creatures who sleep in the course of the day–sanctuary to those that search escape within the darkled shroud of evening’s haze.

It’s the vapor; the breath mirrored within the mirror, or on the icy windowpane.

It’s the final exhalations of an animal because it pants out its life drive: alone on an icy subject within the excessive nation.

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